Product Range

The wide range of plants at Cabbage Tree Nursery include natives, exotics, rainforest plants, accent plants, hedging and border plants, ground covers, succulents, specimen trees and semi-mature trees.

Specializing in the more unusual and hard to get lines such as Mackaya, Justicia, Brugmansia, Hymenocallis, Bauhinia, Rhipsalis, Randia and Dalechampia.

Cabbage Tree Nursery also grows a wide range of Gingers suitable for the Sydney climate as well as many ornamental grasses including Lomandra Tanika, Lomandra Shara, Liriope, Miscanthus and Panicum.

Other interesting lines are Rhipsalis, Hanging Cactus, Crassula, Sedum, Muehlenbeckia, Dichroa, and much more.

Cabbage Tree Nursery is also a registered grower of the Ozbreed range of plants including Dianella Breeze, D. Little Jess, Lomandra Shara, Lomandra Tanika.

Sizes range from 75mm tube stock through to 100-litre specimen trees.